Professor Ferreira conducts extensive research on the history of Kempo (Kenpo) in Hawaii. He is studying the lives and accomplishments of pioneers such as James Mitose, William Chow, and many others.
In April, 2001, Professor Ferreira sponsored the visit of Chosei Motobu and Takeji Inaba of the Motobu-Ryu Daidokan dojo in Osaka, Japan, to Hawaii. Chosei Motobu is the son of legendary Karate master Choki Motobu. At the behest of Motobu Sensei,
we are posting a letter regarding the status of any instructor claiming to be certified to teach Motubu Ryu Kempo or Motobu Ryu Udonde outside of Japan.
Professor Ferreira and the Kempo Jutsu-Kai are supporters of the
Hawaii Karate Seinenkai, an organization which conducts historical research on martial arts in Hawaii and works to preserves the legacy of the Hawaii's Karate and martial arts pioneers.
In February, the
Seinenkai added a "Salute to Professor Ferreira". Professor Ferreira is humbled and proud to be recognized in this manner by an organization of the caliber of the Seinenkai. Please consider supporting the Seinenkai and the Hawaii Karate Museum given the work they do preserving an important part of the martial heritage of Hawaii.

We also produce articles based on our research and based on contributions by notable martial artists which can be found on our "
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