Wang Shu Jin
History of Wang Shu Jin: Bagua Zhang and Hsing I Chuan

By Master Kohno, Yoshikatsu, Advisor to Kempo-Jutsu. Master Kohno trained under the legendary Master Wang Shu Jin, and Master Wang lived with Master Kohno when he was younger. Master Kohno shared some photos from his personal collection for this article.

Wang Shu Jin 6 Master Wang Shu Jin (now deceased) was the first person to transmit orthodox Chinese martial arts in Japan and his accomplishments in the spread of these arts in Japan deserve special mention. According to the school entrance information which Master Wang himself wrote, he learned Hsing I Chuan and Ba Gua Zhang at a young age from Zhang Zhan Kui. He learned Hsing-I Chuan and Bagua Zhang from his teacher friends and Li Cun Yi and Xiao Hai Po. (Photo of Master Wang Shu Jin on the left)

Chinese Legacy
When Zhang Zhan Kui died, Wang Su Jin went on to learn Great Achievement post standing from Wang Xian Zhai and after which he crossed over to Taiwan with the Nationalist Party and he met Chen Pan-Ling who was also studying Hsing I under Li Cun Yi (in the photo above).

Chen Pan-Ling had been Vice-president of the Central National Martial Arts Center in Nanjing and was a leading figure in the Nationalist Party. He is said to have known a great deal about different kinds of Martial Arts (Including Tai Chi) and had published numerous books. Chen and Master Wang worked hard by competing with each other. They created original Tai Chi. Wang Shu Jin was the third-highest figure in a Taoist Sect called the Constant Path(Yi Guan Dao), this religion forbade him from eating meat or fish. Hsing I Chuan, was created by Ji Long Feng. He is said to have met a hermit on Zhong Nan Mountain and from this hermit he received martial teachings,which over the years he perfected.

Wang Shu Jin 8 According to what I heard from my teacher Master Wang, as a young man Master Wang went to an aging Zhang Zhan Kui, who said to him and Hsing I Chuan takes 5 years to learn thoroughly. I have grown old and am weaker than I used to be. I can probably teach for another 5 years, but beyond that I do not t know. You shall be my last student. With this, he closed his doors and Master Wang becoming his last student. After Zhang Zhan Kui died and Master Wang learned Great Achievement Boxing from Wang Xian Zhai.( Black and White Photo of Master Wang Shu Jin on the left)

Wang Shu Jin with Kohno Sensei I studied under Master Wang for six years after he came to Japan in 1976. My teacher (Master Wang Shu Jin) appointed me as Fourth Generation (Inheritor) of Bagua under ceremony, when I was 18 years old. (The photo on the left shows Master Wang Shu Jin with a young Kohno, Yoshikatsu, soon to be the next inheritor of Master Wang) During this time my teacher lived in my house in Harajuku, Tokyo and my mother cooking his vegetarian meals. At this time I was studying kata in my garden in the morning and in early in the evening. I heard many explanations in relation to the Bunkai of Kempojutsu other times. In respect of direction I received the real feeling of his technique. I had great damage. And it was heavy training (very hard training) however the training was a good experience for me.

Note: While talking about the Bunkai of Kempo Jutsu I believe Kohno Sensei is referring to the hard style of Kempo Jutsu and the Jissen, or street-wise self defense techniques of Kempo Jutsu. In the later years, when he first met Professor Kimo, Kohno Sensei could see the relationship between his hard training and the hard training of Kempo Jutsu. Below is how Kohno Sensei describes his art and Kempo Jutsu.

"Since Professor Ferreira say I am devastator. I feel it is over praise"

This is the end of the article written by Master Kohno, Yoshikatsu. The photo on the left is of Master Kohno, Yoshikatsu today.

Black and White of Kohno Sensei

Here is some information that Kohno Sensei had sent me about Master Wang Shu Jin that was not included in the article Master Kohno wrote.

I would like to notify that 1 Name of style of Master Wang Shu Jin is Bagua Zhang ,Xing Yi Quan, and Tai Qi quan.( three method of Nei Jia Quan ( Internal boxing). When I was 18 years old, I lived with him about 6 years as an apprentice. Master Wang Shu Jin, fought with Joe Louis and Jack Dempsey. Theory of Bagua Zhang is Yi/Jing. This method is no punch and employs only palms. I hit the middle of the eyebrows by palm and I scratch face and I pull ears.