From time to time, members of the association are asked to contribute articles based on their unique experiences and background or of relevant historical interest. Additionally, articles from other notable martial artists appear here to further the technical and historical knowledge base.


Mitose and the Aikido Connection: Notes on Masayoshi Mitose by Professor Kimo Ferreira
Based on some documentary evidence, the relationship to Aikido of James Mitose is clarified.

The Motobu Family Speaks Regarding Mitose by Motobu Chosei, Sensei. Translated by Kiko Asai Ferreira.

Excerpts on Growing up in Pre-war and Wartime Japan by Inaba Shobu, Hanshi.

History of Wang Shu Jin: Bagua Zhang and Hsing I Chuan

By Master Kohno, Yoshikatsu, Advisor to Kempo-Jutsu. Master Kohno trained under the legendary Master Wang Shu Jin, and Master Wang lived with Master Kohno when he was younger. Master Kohno shared some photos from his personal collection for this article.

Teaching for Every Student: by Matthew Barnes
This article presents strategies for teaching students with physical and cognitive disabilities.