During his 35 years in the martial arts, Professor Ferreira has studied many styles. Dedicating his time and efforts to spreading his own art of Kempo Jutsu, Professor Ferreira has taught seminars in North America, Japan and Europe. His seminars are open. Ideas and concepts are shared through the practical applications of Kempo Jutsu techniques. The history of Kempo is covered at seminars, as well as weapons arts and how they apply to Kempo. In particular, Professor Ferrira emphasizes the use of the stick and knife.
He is available for travel to give seminars anywhere in the world. Seminars are stimulating and interesting and can be taught to beginning and advanced martial artists of any style.
During his twenty years of service in the U.S. Army, Professor Ferreira (now retired) has taught many military members and dependents. He runs his own school in Pearl City, Hawaii, as well as his own association. He enjoys traveling and meeting new people who are interested in martial arts.